Language and Cognition Seminar – How speakers’ eye movements reflect language production

Our next event is coming up! Dr. Zenzi M. Griffin, from the University of Texas, is coming to give a seminar on Thursday, September 25th. This event is part of a series of Language and Cognition seminars that take place over the course of the year. This seminar will be on eye movements and language production. Dr. Griffin writes:

“When people describe visually presented scenes, they gaze at each object for approximately one second before articulating its name (Griffin & Bock, 2000). Further research indicates that speakers’ eye movements often reveal when they retrieve the words that they use to refer to visible (or recently visible) referents. I will discuss how the relationship between gaze and planning is being extended to address other questions about how people speak.”

Room 1512, Kellogg Center
School of International and Public Affairs
420 West 118th Street

September 25th, 4:00 PM

For directions to SIPA, see this map:

RSVP: If you will attend the meeting on September 25, please send a note to:

Sara Maria Hasbun, rapporteur

If you would like to join Dr. Griffin for dinner in the neighborhood after the meeting, please let Sara Maria know.


2 Responses

  1. Hello –

    what time is this meeting until? I have class at 6:00 & just want to make sure I can stay the entire time — thanks!

  2. The seminar should last about 2 hours – usually about an hour long presentation with time for questions afterwards.

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