1/22: Language and Cognition seminar

The next Language and Cognition seminar will be held on January 22. Julia R. Irwin of Haskins Laboratories will be speaking on speech perception in autism.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) refer to neuro-developmental disorders along a continuum of severity that is generally characterized by marked deficits in social and communicative functioning. One likely source of the impairment in language across the range of individuals with ASD is a deficit in speech perception, including reduced audiovisual (AV) integration of seen and heard speech. Given the tendency of individuals with ASD to avert gaze from the faces of others, a reduction in visual influence may reflect reduced attention to the face of a speaker, or may be due to a more fundamental deficit in the capacity for AV integration. By employing visual tracking methodology, this work examines the underlying causes of atypical AV processing of speech in children with ASD.

Place: Room 1512, Kellogg Center
School of International and Public Affairs
420 West 118th Street

Time: 4:00 PM

For directions to the School of International and Public Affairs, please refer to the map which can be found at this URL:


RSVP: If you will attend the meeting on January 22, please send a note to:

Sara Maria Hasbun, rapporteur

If you will join Dr. Irwin for dinner in the neighborhood after the meeting, please indicate this in your note to Ms. Hasbun


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