Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology: call for submissions!

Do you have an anthropology-flavored essay, poem, or piece of original artwork burning a hole in your hard drive? Submit it to CUJA by December 24!

The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology is seeking submissions for the Spring 2010 issue. CUJA is an annually published, inter-disciplinary journal written and edited by undergraduates from many academic majors and backgrounds.

We welcome submissions of all varieties and encourage our authors to submit creative and experimental work or academic papers. Poetry, diagrams, and artwork are just as welcome as class projects, papers, and field reports. All work that thoughtfully engages with and questions social worlds past, present, and future will be considered.

Deadline for all submissions: December 24.

We are also looking for new editors. Students interested in editing their peers’ academic work should send a short application with an overview of their academic interests, a description of the class they have most enjoyed (and why), and a short writing sample, as well as their name, class year, major, and contact information.

Deadline for editorial application: December 11.

Paper submissions, editor applications, and general inquiries may be sent to:


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