New course for Spring 2010: Perception and Language

Psychology BC 3164: Perception and Language
Tuesday, 6:10 – 8 pm

Next semester, Professor Robert Remez will be offering a seminar in psychology, focusing on issues of language and how we perceive and process it.

In an ordinary day, we have many, many poignant, pointless, important, ridiculous, and thrilling conversations. Why do we do it?

Who knows? People have been concocting bad answers to this awful question for several thousand years, and we still haven’t decided on a formulation we like. But, if we ask a more recent and useful question – How do we actually do it? – then we find that we have a lot to learn, because the answer depends more on discovering things than on dreaming about human nature.

Topics will include:

  • The way the senses work
  • The sounds of speech
  • The conversion of meaning into sound and back again
  • How we integrate the perceptual and linguistic pieces of an utterance

For more information and a full description of the course, download the announcement here.


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