Love in a time of Cupcakes

This Sunday, we will be delivering delicious home-baked goodies (you can specify brownie, red velvet cupcake, or vegan cupcake) accompanied with a beautiful hand-decorated love or friendship poem in a wonderful foreign language (with translation) to your Valentine!

Send them to your lovers! Send them to your friends! Have them mysteriously sent to yourself!

If you have a specific language request for your poem, let us know and we will do our best to track a suitable poem down. Or if you already have a certain verse in mind, send it over.

Each order will be $5. Shoot us an email by Friday evening, or come by our bake sale on Friday on College Walk to order. In your email, let us know:

  • Type of treat (brownie, red velvet cupcake, or vegan cupcake)
  • Poem specifications (language? title in mind?)
  • Personal message (optional)
  • What we should write under “from who”?
  • Name of person to be delivered to, and address–preferably on campus/not far from campus as we will be working with limited staff who are not expert delivery people like ex-CUSnackers with speedy bikes and mental maps.
Любить иных – тяжелый крест,
А ты прекрасна без извилин,
И прелести твоей секрет
Разгадке жизни равносилен.

Весною слышен шорох снов
И шелест новостей и истин.
Ты из семьи таких основ.
Твой смысл, как воздух, бескорыстен.

Легко проснуться и прозреть,
Словесный сор из сердца вытрясть
И жить, не засоряясь впредь,
Все это – не большая хитрость.

Pasternak, 1931

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