Interdental Fricatives

A brilliant piece from Haley Peterson, Cal Poly 2012


The Speculative Grammarian wants your submissions

The Speculative Grammarian, the premier scholarly journal featuring research in the neglected field of satirical linguistics, wants YOU to write for them!

SpecGram publishes satirical and humorous articles, poems, cartoons, ads, and all sorts of other material—and no field within or related to linguistics is off limits.

Submit your works of genius here.

Welcome back!

Hello everyone. I hope that y’all* had wonderful summers, and are now back and ready for more linguistic adventures.

A few things, quickly:

  • Registration is this week, and there are some cool linguistics courses being offered this semester:
    Fall 2009 LINGUISTICS W3101
    Section 001 Call Number: 95797 Points: 3
    Day/Time: TR 6:10pm-7:25pm Location: 702 Hamilton Hall
    Instructor: Alan Timberlake
    Fall 2009 LINGUISTICS W3997
    Section 001 Call Number: 63651 Points: 2-4
    Instructor: Alan Timberlake
    Fall 2009 LINGUISTICS W4800
    Section 001 Call Number: 22847 Points: 3
    Day/Time: MW 4:10pm-5:25pm Location: 703 Hamilton Hall
    Instructor: John H McWhorter
    Fall 2009 LINGUISTICS W4903
    Section 001 Call Number: 50283 Points: 3
    Day/Time: MW 2:40pm-3:55pm Location: 707 Hamilton Hall
    Instructor: Alan Timberlake

    For more information look up Linguistics by subject in the Course Directory.

  • There will be a Cottage dinner in the near future…  date and time TBA.
  • Finally, a linguistics joke! A little macaronic silliness to spice up your weekend:
Q: According to Sigmund Freud, what comes between fear and sex?
A: Fünf.

That’s it for now. More announcements and tasty links to come.

* Because English needs a good second-person plural pronoun.

New speech disorder linguists contracted discovered!

From The Speculative Grammarian, Volume CLI, No 2:

“An apparently new speech disorder a linguistics department our correspondent visited was affected by has appeared. Those affected our correspondent a local grad student called could hardly understand apparently still speak fluently. The cause experts the LSA sent investigate remains elusive. Frighteningly, linguists linguists linguists sent examined are highly contagious. Physicians neurologists psychologists other linguists called for help called for help called for help didn’t help either. The disorder experts reporters SpecGram sent consulted investigated apparently is a case of pathological center embedding.”

In the latest issue of SpecGram:

Many thanks to Jordana for the link.